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# Items Needed Sign-Up
  $5-10 Gift Card to The Coffee Shoppe
1 Sign Up
4 $5-10 Gift Cards to Corner Gas Station
3 1 Taken
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2 $5-10 Gift Cards to Subway
1 1 Taken
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  $5-10 Gift Card to Mr. Clean Car Wash
1 Sign Up
  $5-10 Gift Card to Sloppy's Sandwich Shop
1 Sign Up
2 $5-10 Gift Cards to Sam's Dry Cleaning
2 Sign Up
  $5-10 Gift Card to Sonic
0 1 Taken
2 $5-10 Gift Cards to Target
1 1 Taken
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  $5-10 Gift Cards to Teacher's Corner
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Response List:

Recipients (7)
Alice Walker
Bob Torres
Carol Jensen
Diane Phillips
Fran Jones
Jennifer Haugen
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