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Date & Time: Saturday, September 19, 2015, at 12:00 pm for 4 hours
Organizer: Pamela Miller - Email the Organizer


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Join us for a picnic at Zilker Park.  SIgn up below for food items to bring.

Please remember, each family needs to bring their own blankets.

Also, bring some games and activities to share.  We are bringing our badminton set. 

Can't wait to see you there.


Respond by: Saturday, September 12, 2015
Reminder: A reminder will be sent to participants 1 week before the event.
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Items Needed:

# Items Needed Sign-Up
12 Sandwiches
12 Sign Up
  Potato salad to serve 12
1 Sign Up
  Assorted fruits
Please put what you're brining in the notes.
  Sign Up
3 Bags of chips
Full-size bags
2 1 Taken Read Note
Sign Up
  Cooler full of assorted drinks for 12
Don't forget the water!
0 1 Taken
  Paper plates, napkins, and forks for 12
1 Sign Up
2 Dozen cookies
Note: no peanuts/peanut butter, please, due to allergies.
2 Sign Up

Response List:

Will Attend (6 adults, 4 children)
Alice Walker (+1 adult, +2 children)
Ed Baker (+0 adults, +0 children)
Fran Jones (+1 adult, +2 children)
Sagepoint Example (+0 adults, +0 children)

Will Not Attend (0)

Undecided (0)
Not Yet Replied (1)
Bob Torres


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