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Date & Time: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 12:00AM - Tuesday, September 29, 2015 12:00AM
Organizer: Pat Miller , (512)537-7243 - Email the Organizer


This example shows how a quarterly "Spirit Ad" sponsor sign-up can be set up for the fall months.  The sample ads show different options for the online displays and content. It also shows how to link to a sign-up for the next quarter, i.e. winter.

Note that once a sponsor has been approved, he/she may update information and special offers for the listing at any time without additional charge.  Organizer approval of the updated content will be required.  This allows sponsors to offer monthly, weeklys, or even daily specials. 

The Spirit Ad banners and can be added to/displayed on other webpages you manage including : 

  • Sagepoint events, sign-up, schedule & group pages
  • Sagepoint e-mails
  • Print flyers
  • Other websites, groups pages, signage and materials your group offers

This example can be used by school, faith, and community groups for fundraising drives, by sports teams and leagues for seasonal sponsorships, or by print and flyer businesses as an additional source of revenue.  Funds can be kept and used or donated in whole or part to non-profits or neighbors in need. 

Group members benefit from special discounts and coupons, and sponsoring businesses build awareness, goodwill, and loyalty.

Sample Description Text might include the following:

Fall "Spirit Ads" Sponsorships Now Available!


Dear Community Partners,

Support our group and help your business at the same time!  Click below to purchase a "Spirit Ad" listing for the fall season.

The business information and website link you provide will be displayed on our Group webpages and distributed to our members via e-mail and print throughout October - December.

This is a great way to connect with the community and to build awareness, loyalty, and sales for your business.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Pat Miller
Community Manager

Note:  Once your submission has been approved, you may update information and special offers at any time during the period without further charge. (Updated content will require approval).

Click here to get a jump on our  Winter "Spirit Ads": http://www.sagepoint.com/WinterSponsorListings


Event Link: http://www.sagepoint.com/FallSponsorListings

Sponsor this Event

(Paid listings support links to sponsor websites.)
# Level Email Logo Offer TopSpot Cost Sign-Up
TopSpot/Slider Example $200 Approved
Includes all options plus rotation through the TopSpot slider..
Coupon Example $100 Approved
Provide a coupon with your listing.
% of Sale Offer Example $50 Approved
Offer to donate a percentage of sales to the group.
Simple Listing Example $50 Approved

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Response List:

Recipients (12)
Austin March
Cedar Park Pediatrics
FacetoFace Spa
KidsRKids Academy
Magic by Carlos
Megan Tull
Pak&Ship Plus
Rhythm Studio
Rome's Pizza
Sagepoint Example
Vivian Wied


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