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Date & Time: Saturday, October 18, 2014, at 6:00 pm for 3 hours
Organizer: Pat Miller , (512)555-5555 - Email the Organizer


This example shows how Spirit Ad features can be used to simplify online sponsor recognition for an event, i.e.  festivals, silent auctions, tournaments, fun runs/5K's, car washes and any other activity or fundraiser. 

Sponsor listings can continue to be displayed on group webpages (and updated by merchants) even after the event ends.

The Spirit Ad banners automatically update as new sponsor info is entered or when existing sponsors update their information and your group coordinator approves the info.

Use the features for free to recognize your direct sponsors. We'll help promote your opportunity to other potential sponsors as well.  Our goal is to help you get "More $$$. With Less effort."

Below is an example invitation:


Dear Families, Friends & Neighbors:

It's time for our Annual Fun Festival.  The festival committee is working hard to insure that we have a great event.  As usual we are seeking your help to make this event a success.

To Volunteer or Donate Items: Go to


To Sponsor: Click below or drop off your payment and info in the office.

As a Sponsor, your information will be displayed on:

  • Festival related online sign-up pages
  • Our main Website: Melvin School Website
  • Literature at the event on 10/18 

Additional benefits are listed below for each level.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Thank you as always for your support.

Pat Miller
Sponsorship Chair

Event Link: http://www.sagepoint.com/AnnualFunFestival

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(Paid listings support links to sponsor websites.)
# Level Email Logo Offer TopSpot Cost Sign-Up
Example Platinum Sponsors $500 Approved
Large logo on totebags,banners, and maps; Literature in bags; Prime table by entrance; Four wristbands for rides and games
Example Gold Sponsors $250 Approved
Medium logo on totebags, banners, and maps; Literature in bags, Table by entrance; Two wristbands for rides and games.
Example Silver Sponsors $100 Approved
Small logo on totebags, banners, and maps; Literature in bags
Example Bronze Sponsors $50 Pending
Name on totebags. banners, and maps
For cash and in-kind donors - Add your name here to be included in the donor listing (Text only).
Free Approved

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